Hi. This blog is all about rants and raves about films. All kinds of films from the really old to the recently released. And I have an opinion on them all, as well as providing you with the basic facts of course. I aim to complete each review within 500 word so that it isn’t waffley, which so often they can be. I like to keep it simple and what the reader wants to know.

So hi, I’m Emily an A-Level student who decided she would give blogging a go. I love films, ever since I was a toddler. I used to sit and watch all my favorite Disney films over and over again, The Lion King was my favorite. Now a film studies student, I have an eye for details and meanings behind films and I love to explore them.

In this blog I hope to bring to you my reviews on films as a fairly normal 17-year-old girl 😛 and hopefully you’ll find them useful. Especially seeing as Netflix can sometimes feel like a vast whirlpool of films and it takes you what feels like an eternity to decide what to watch! (Hopefully this blog will help you with your decision) Also cinema ticket prices keep going up so there’s no point going to a film that you don’t like and wasting that money, when you could be spending it on buying something that you’ll actually value.

I try not to be formal when I’m writing so try to expect lots of ‘…’ and ‘I just’ or ‘I can’t even’.

Anyway, thank you for being interested, and I hope you enjoy!