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Welcome¬†anyone who has managed to stumble on to my blog! I’m Emily and I greet you with a very warm welcome! So I am starting this blog because I am a Film Studies Student at AS Level and often I will go to the cinema, or watch something on Netflix, and be able to talk about what I had just watched for hours and I enjoy talking about all the details including the messages behind it, the soundtrack, setting, how it was filmed, budgets… I could go on… In short, I am passionate about films and would love to chat and explore them with you. I’d love to hear what you think of certain films and share what I think too.

In this blog I hope to bring to you my reviews on films as a fairly normal 17-year-old girl, and hopefully you’ll find them useful. Especially seeing as Netflix can sometimes feel like a vast whirlpool of films and it takes you what feels like an eternity¬†to decide what to watch! Also cinema ticket prices keep going up so there’s no point going to a film that you don’t like and wasting that money, when you could be spending it on buying something that you’ll actually value.

I don’t like to be formal when I’m writing so try to expect lots of ‘…’ and ‘I just’ or ‘I can’t even’. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!




Hi. I'm Emily, a 17-year-old who thought she'd give blogging a go. Still getting used to it all. I am studying AS Levels, work in a Hair Salon, have 2 miniature dachshunds, and I spend my life browsing Netflix.

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